Superba Pure Red Krill Oil Capsules 500mg x 30 – Extra High Strength


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Superba Pure Red Krill Oil Capsules 500mg Extra High Strength – Omega 3


  • Excellent source of healthy fats.
  • Helps fight inflammation.
  • May help with arthritis & joint pain.
  • Can improve heart health.
  • Can help manage PMS.
  • Benefits for both men & women.

INGREDIENTS Per 2 capsule serving: Krill Oil (Euphausia Superba) Extract 1000mg. Marine Gel Capsules.

This provides: Marine Phospholipids 430mg Total Omega 3 240mg Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 140mg, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 65mg Astaxanthin 80ug

Recommended Dosage:

1 or 2 Capsules Daily with food.

UKHealthHouse – It’s important to buy the right product, look around and notice that tablets are often filled with non beneficial placebos so you think 2000mg is better than 1000mg for example. Quality over quantity.

Product description:

Krill Oil is pure source of Omega-3 which includes EPA and DHA. They produce phospholipids which are important in each cell membrane within the human body. This makes Krill Oil much better for the body than Fish Oils.

Krill Oil is scientifically proven to support brain function, heart health, reduce inflammation & joint pain.

Rejuvenate your Mind & Body…Discover the natural health benefits of Omega-3 Krill Oil.

Easy-to-swallow small capsules with no fishy aftertaste 500mg of pure krill oil is an outstanding amount at great prices that beat all high street stores.


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