Premium – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil softgel 1000mg x 360 Capsules Skin & Hair


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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules 1000mg – Weight Loss – MCT Oil


  • Coconut Oil contains medium chain fatty acids.
  • These help the bodies natural metabolism.
  • This can help aid weight loss naturally as well as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Feel better & help yourself feel healthier.
  • Lowers Cholesterol. This superfood is loaded with saturated fats that actually raise HDL (good) cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Weight Loss Aid.
  • Moisturises Skin.
  • Better Brain Function.
  • Kills Bacteria, Viruses, & Fungi.


1000mg Organic Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Titanium Dioxide.

Recommended Dosage:

1-4 capsules daily with meals.


Coconut oil is one of the few foods that can be classified as a “superfood”.

Its unique combination of fatty acids can have positive effects on your health.

This includes fat loss, better brain function and various other impressive benefits.

Coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fats that have different effects than most other fats in your diet.

These fats can boost fat burning and provide your body and brain with quick energy. They also raise the good HDL cholesterol in your blood, which is linked to reduced heart disease risk.

Most fats in the diet are called long-chain triglycerides, but the fats in coconut oil are known as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). What this means is that the fatty acids are shorter than most other.

Coconut oil contains no trans-fats and is a rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s), such as lauric acid (C-12) and caprylic acid (C-8).


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