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Privacy Policy

UKHealthhouse LTD Data Protection Notice

UKHealthhouse LTD collects, processes and stores the information and personal data you submit to our website in relation to processing orders. All processing activities shall be carried out in accordance with your individual rights as defined by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Please note that by submitting information about yourself through our website, you are agreeing for UKHealthhouse LTD to process and store that data. This data shall be stored only for the duration of the previously outlined purpose for collection. We never store or process your data longer than we need to, and we do not use your data for any purpose other than those you have agreed to.

The data you submit to our website will never be shared with or transferred to a third-party organisation. The following partners are exempt from this policy as they assist UKHealthhouse LTD in processing your personal data and delivering its services; Paypal.

You reserve the right to request UKHealthhouse LTD update your personal data at any time. You can also request information about your personal data, withdraw your consent for us to process your information or request a transfer or deletion of your data.

For more information about UKHealthhouse LTD and how we protect and secure your data, consult our Privacy Policy.

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